The Hated Middle

May 31, 2016 Jon Seliot 1

Hey Hillary, We’ve heard a lot of hate lately for the Midwest and South. Perhaps that’s because we made a jaunt through the Pacific Northwest, along the coast — it’s beautiful. The folks up there, though, don’t seem too fond of the rural, even, sometimes, within their own states. And we wondered why. We started with a little research, as […]

No Border Walls—BAJA!

May 30, 2016 Jon Seliot 2

Hey Don, Forget the border wall. Annex Baja California. The whole damn peninsula. Build golf courses and lazy rivers and hire out fishing boats with Sammy Hagar. Create jobs. So come to an agreement with Enrique Nieto. And if he won’t agree to give us Baja, bully him into submission. Call him names. Whatever it takes. Once we have free […]


May 26, 2016 Jon Seliot 0

Hey Mark, We’re fans. Now how about releasing your tax returns. Because you’re not a BOIYD are you? That would disappoint us. But it appears that there’s a reason that Bernie supporters like the #NotMeUs tag. It’s BOIYD code. We get it now. It’s all about avoiding individual responsibility and spreading the blame. Who’s going to clean my mess? Not […]

Freedom of Religion? Not for Cruz.

May 25, 2016 Jon Seliot 0

Hey Ted, It appears that conservative now means Protestant. It also means anti-abortion and anti-gay marriage. It doesn’t mean fiscally conservative. That’s secondary. If it weren’t, there wouldn’t be riders defunding Planned Parenthood stuck on bills about socialized medicine. Regardless that the Big B.O. was going to veto the bill no matter what, you didn’t have to add religion. So […]

A Dual Lens Camera

May 24, 2016 Jon Seliot 0

Hey Tim, We hear you’re going to put the dual camera on the 7+. It sounds cool, but we’ve never used one so we checked out Engadget to see what they know. Back in 2014, when this technology was just coming out, they interviewed someone from Corephotonics. In the video they explain some of the benefits. Here’s what we gleamed. […]

Bernie the BOIYD

May 24, 2016 Jon Seliot 1

Hey Bernie, We’ve coined a term in your honor. BOIYD. It’s pronounced ‘boid’, Bernie. Say it. Hear it. Bernie the BOIYD. It’s got a nice ring, doesn’t it? And what, you’re asking, does BOIYD stand for? BUT ONLY IF YOU DO You’re familiar with this behavior. It’s about people who preach for action but don’t actually do it. Some call […]

Kill the Hole

May 21, 2016 Jon Seliot 1

Hey Tim, It’s about bloody time someone (big) got rid of that antiquated hole. It’s a waste of space. Sure, some people will complain and moan, but they’re the people who bitched when you changed the power port. No reasonable person would go backwards at this point. So push on through. The moaning will end if the result is better. […]

Thanks, Tim, for Braving Another RED

May 21, 2016 Jon Seliot 0

Hey Tim, Dubai? Right after India? Really? Are you making a tour of countries with laws against homosexuality? Next you’ll be going to Saudi Arabia and Iran, risking execution. Again, we shareholders are appreciative.

But Only If You Do

May 20, 2016 Jon Seliot 0

Hey Bernie, We saw your 2014 tax return. You made over $200,000. What we find fascinating about your tax return, but not surprising given how much you spout against greed, is the amount of your itemized deductions. You took $56,000 in deductions. The median household income in the U.S is approximately $53,500 Yes, Bernier Sanders, you took more in deductions […]

More Apple in India

May 19, 2016 Jon Seliot 0

Hey Tim, 4000 Apple employees in India. Building Maps. Rock on. Hire more. Build more software. How about some new web-services? And do it overseas, away from our confused officials who think they are the reasons for your success. Wrong. Builders build. Creators create. Governments limit. Oh, and since you’re in India, how about buying worldwide streaming rights for Bollywood?