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Hey Reader,

We thought we’d introduce ourselves. We’re HeysayersTM. (Yes, we’re trademarking it.) We’re a group of people with a stubborn desire to let other people know what we’re thinking. In a casual way. Because we’re casual.

First off, we haven’t met you. We don’t know you personally. We don’t know anyone who knows you. We’re at least three degrees away. Our inputs are what we read and see on any of the media outlets that we browse. So whatever we write is based on perception.

What that means is that it isn’t personal. Even if it comes out that way, we strive to base our views on actions and behaviors. We may extrapolate from those, and those extrapolations may seem overtly personal. We’ll probably cross the line with an ‘Are you stupid?’ or ‘Get your bloody head out of your ass already.’ And when we do, please accept our apology.

Even if we’re right.

Which we will be.

We Heysayers are perceptive folk. Some say we have gifts. One of use was even called a precog, like in Minority Report. And we meditate. Right there you know we have insight.

So if it’s unpleasant to hear, and you get into a huff and start rationalizing, get over yourself. We’ll be spot on.