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A 7 Rumor That Matters

Hey Tim,

For the first time, we’re actually excited about an iPhone 7 rumor. It’s a fairly doubtful one for the 7, but it’s worth noting because nothing else we’ve heard makes it, or AAPL, a strong buy. Which bums us out.

The rumor we’ve heard is an embedded 3D Touch home button with Touch ID. We’ve expected it for a while, but it was all conjecture, which is less than rumor. And we think it’s awesome.

Our precog’s a little fuzzy, but we’re seeing the home button in the middle still with screen real estate on both sides for notifications or navigation, or anything else that pops into developers heads. And that’s if it’s restricted real estate. If you’ve figured out a way to make the side real estate usable for other purposes, even cooler, but we’re seeing that as difficult.

Mking the phone more waterproof as a result is a bonus. Waterproofing has clearly not been a reason to buy, but it’s like 7000 series aluminum. It’s a worry remover, meaning it increases our comfort, and our love for our phone.

  • Embedded home button (without additional use cases):   CBF 5
  • Waterproof:   CBF 5
  • In case you’re tracking, Tim, CBF stands for Compelling Buy Factor. A CBF of 5 indicates that we care, we like it, but taken alone it’s not going to compel us to stand in line.