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But Only If You Do

OAKLAND, CA - AUGUST 10: (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Hey Bernie,
We saw your 2014 tax return. You made over $200,000.

What we find fascinating about your tax return, but not surprising given how much you spout against greed, is the amount of your itemized deductions.

You took $56,000 in deductions.

The median household income in the U.S is approximately $53,500

Yes, Bernier Sanders, you took more in deductions than over 50% of the U.S. population make in a year.

And where did that money go, Bernie? You didn’t include that part.

What we do know is the source of your income: The U.S. government. Big G.

And where does Big G get its money? From Non-Government Workers (NGWs).

You might see yourself as a taxpayer, but you’re not. You work for the federal government. When you pay federal taxes, what you’re doing is giving money back. That’s a whole different paradigm.

I drew a diagram. It’s simplified. It doesn’t include the exceptions that prove the rule, but given your take and spend proposals, simple is required.

Notice, Bernie, the thick gray wall between NGW’s and the government. It’s like a one way membrane. Tax money is sucked out of NGWs into the government bureaucracy. The government bureaucracy then pays government employees out of that bucket of money. The government employees then give tax money back to the government.

Government and taxes.001

You see Bernie, no matter how much you pay in taxes, the money stays in government. Some of that money goes towards valuable services like the EPA and Department of Defense–a little may leak back to the NGWs for building highways and bridges–but the rest goes to bureaucracy and giveaways and overhead.

So when we watch you in Carson spouting about greed, what we actually see is a wealthy man spouting the need for more money for his company, justifying your accusations with words like ‘right’ and ‘fair’ and ‘unacceptable’, but then turning around and minimizing your own taxes.

Crazy, we know. Why would the leader of the pro-tax movement minimize his own>

There’s no law that says you must take all deductions available to you. So why don’t you just not take them?

It’s a simple way to put your money where your mouth is.

And isn’t that what people with integrity do, Bernie — live by their words before asking others to do the same?