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Kill the Hole

Hey Tim,

It’s about bloody time someone (big) got rid of that antiquated hole. It’s a waste of space. Sure, some people will complain and moan, but they’re the people who bitched when you changed the power port. No reasonable person would go backwards at this point. So push on through. The moaning will end if the result is better.

In terms of CBF, when you made the switch of power port, it was an improvement in terms of ease of use. This switch won’t be. By going to one slim, wide hole you’ll be removing the ability to charge and listen, sans bluetooth, at the same time. So it will depend on what added functionality we’re going to get. Will the sound be better? Will we get more battery life? Stereo speakers?

The switch alone will cause pain. What we get from it will drive sales.

CBF – 4 (without other significant enhancements)

CBF – 6 (estimated, and depends on increased battery life and/or stereo speakers and better sound.)

But rock on, regardless.

And give us BLACK, please. Black. We’ve been missing black. And Silver with a Black face. Color choice might actually drive upgrades

But now we’re ranting.

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