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A Dual Lens Camera

Hey Tim,
We hear you’re going to put the dual camera on the 7+. It sounds cool, but we’ve never used one so we checked out Engadget to see what they know. Back in 2014, when this technology was just coming out, they interviewed someone from Corephotonics. In the video they explain some of the benefits. Here’s what we gleamed.

▪ Better picture quality.
▪ Optical zoom.
▪ 3d Photos.

You know this already. These are all nice features. Photographers will love it. Maybe some hyper snapping Snapchatters will absolutely have to have it.

The regular guys among us will like it all right too, but we won’t jump.

Unless, we could do some cool stuff with it. Like:

▪ Measurements

⁃ If we’re building a tree house for our kids and we want to know how high a branch is, instead of climbing up and dropping a tape, we could use our camera. Point it at the limb and plop out a measurement.
⁃ “Will if fit?” becomes an easy question, as far as furniture goes, or doorways. Point, measure and answer.

▪ Personal mapping

⁃ Combining GPS, Wifi, or iBeacons with a 3D camera that could measure distances would allow us to create 3D models just by walking around our house or down the alley. We’d then be able to load the map into HomeKit and map in our lamps and outlets and speakers. Using the brand new HomeKit app, that’s way overdue, we’d be able to control our homes. Pretty cool. It’ll go great with our UHD Apple TV.

▪ Creating our own VR

⁃ We’re not movie makers, but we might dabble with it if we could easily generate our own VR movies. How it would work technically, we don’t know. If this is feasible, there will be demand.

And if not those, then something else cool. Maybe you’ve got something beyond hardware in mind.

We’re seeing the dual camera with a CBF (Compelling Buy Factor) of 6. If you put it on the 4.7, with some cool applications, we’ll jump the CBF to 7. On the other hand, if the bump introduces some sort of wobble while the phone rests on the table, we’ll drop the CBF to 5.

Regardless, bring it. Just because we’re not going to jump doesn’t mean that when the time comes it won’t factor into our purchase decision.