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Bernie the BOIYD

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders speaks at the Communication Workers of America (CWA) office in Washington December 17, 2015. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

Hey Bernie,
We’ve coined a term in your honor. BOIYD.

It’s pronounced ‘boid’, Bernie.

Say it. Hear it.

Bernie the BOIYD.

It’s got a nice ring, doesn’t it?

And what, you’re asking, does BOIYD stand for?


You’re familiar with this behavior. It’s about people who preach for action but don’t actually do it.

Some call them hypocrites.

We at Heysayer think that’s harsh. So we’ve softened it, and for now we’ve narrowed it to be more relevant to your recent activities.


A person who preaches higher taxes but takes advantage of tax laws and deductions to minimize his/her own tax payments.

In general terms it describes people without the integrity to do first that which they wish to force upon others.

It’s hard, Bernie. We know. It takes fortitude to live our own words.

It’s human nature to want the world to work in our favor, to want the people we don’t know well to make the hard choices and sacrifices so that we can attain our vision.

We Heysayers work hard to fight those baser instincts of blame and name-calling. It would be nice if you would do the same.

So how about you redo your taxes, sans deductions.
That means 0.
Zero deductions.
Big G needs its money back.
Give it back, Bernie.

Because what we’re hearing from you, whether you say it or not, is I’m Bernie Sanders, I’ll pay more taxes, But Only If You Do. In the meantime, I’m going to suck the system for all I can.

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