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Hey Mark,
We’re fans. Now how about releasing your tax returns.

Because you’re not a BOIYD are you?

That would disappoint us.

But it appears that there’s a reason that Bernie supporters like the #NotMeUs tag.

It’s BOIYD code.

We get it now.

It’s all about avoiding individual responsibility and spreading the blame.

Who’s going to clean my mess?
Not me, us.

Who’s going to take care of the children?
Not me, us.

Who’s going pay more taxes?
Not me, us.

It’s BOIYD speak. Poor grammar, of course. We’d use ‘Not I, We’.

Or maybe that’s the trick. You’re the object of the verb. The passive part. The recipients. ‘We’ would imply action. Doing is not the BOIYD way.

But, Mr. Ruffalo, we don’t see you that way. We see you as a worker, with a craft, who excels at this job and earns a good living for it. We don’t begrudge that of you. We think it’s cool.

Until you support the great greed accuser.

So how about it, Mark. Go Norwegian. Or do what even Ted Cruz does and release five years of tax returns. And for good measure, Mark, since you’re supporting higher taxes for those making 37k per year, release taxes for all LLC’s and trusts and every other entity that a smart, wealthy person would utilize. And maybe a balance sheet for all of those. Offshore too, please. Just in case.

Oh, and of course, forego all future tax deductions across the board.
All across the board.