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Poor Old Macs

Hey Tim Cook,
There isn’t one Mac that I’d buy today. The 12” is underpowered and overpriced. It’s like a 4 cylinder Lotus. And the 11”, which I love, is the same price it was over a year ago. The bump in RAM doesn’t cover the lapse.

Just take one glance at the trusty Macrumors Buyers Guide. Everything’s old. The Macbook Air’s sitting at 437 days (as of May 19, 2016). The Mac Pro is at 882. Every Mac except for and you can see that everything but your sleek new toy is old.

So in the name of serving your customer by providing them with modern tools, please update the Mac line ASAP. And make them reasonably priced.

The neglect you’ve shown over the past few years, we wonder if you really want us to buy Macs.

We’re beginning to believe you don’t.