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Nice Mansion, Matt

Hey Matt,
We’re excited that you had to opportunity to make a political address at MIT. That must be cool for a One Percenter.


So when are you going to release your tax returns. Go Norwegian. You know, in Norway tax returns are public, for everyone.

That’s all we ask. Full disclosure.

Make your personal finances, and all of the entities with which you are associated, public.

We figure you’re paying 52% off the top.


No deductions.

BEFORE it’s a law.

To be a shining example.

You are a shining example, aren’t you, Matt? You’re not a BOIYD?


And you certainly can’t be a Hollywood BOIYD.

The absolutely purest kind.

Only the purest kind of BOIYD has a $15,000,000 ($15 million) home.

We understand how you would NEED, desperately, 9,000 square feet for entertainment.

It must have been a difficult downsize going from the home in Florida.

As we got from The Huffington Post, your 12,705-square foot Florida pad featured,

seven bedrooms, nine full baths, a two-bedroom guest house, and amenities including a home theatre, custom office, and cavernous master bedroom suite with a spa bath and private terrace.

Never would any true liberal spend so lavishly.

But then you’re not a true liberal.

Don’t get us wrong. We don’t begrudge you a penny. We love Good Will Hunting It’s still in our top ten.

We believe that the people who create great movies deserve the rewards. That’s how meritocracy works.

And meritocracy forms the basis of capitalism.


We’re just not fond of your push for other people to do great deeds. As CNN transcribed:

“This world has some problems that we need you to drop everything and solve,” he said. “So go ahead take your pick from the world’s worst buffet: economic inequality that’s a problem, how about the refugee crisis, massive global insecurity, climate change, pandemics, institutional racism …”

That’s a nice list for other people, particularly considering your ironic rant at the bankers.

“so yeah, you sort of got away with it. You got that house in the Hamptons that other people paid for as their own mortgages went under water and you might have their money but you don’t have our respect. And just so you know, when people pass you on the street and look you in the eye that’s what we’re thinking.”

You know what we’re thinking when we see you walking down the street?

Nice movie.

Nice mansion.

Really nice mansion.

And we hear you’re flipping it. According to Variety, in 2013 you bought your little pad for $15,000,000 and two years later you floated it for sale for $20,000,000. We don’t know if you got it, but the attempt is very capitalistic.

Well done, Mr. Boiyd. Make more money. Good on ya.

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