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Really, Seattle? Locals Only Income Tax? Good Luck.

Hey Seattle,

We hear that already your proposed tax on locals has been encountering some resistance. We feel for you. Once BOIYDism becomes entrenched, it’s hard to remove.

We have a proposal.

A graduated tax, since that’s the only Fair kind, and we’ll make it like the U.S. Government’s post Obamacare tax rates — we’ll tax the middle class a higher percentage.

First, there are a few basic parameters.

Taxable Income

1. Tax is based on GROSS personal income. This means no deductions. For anything. Ever. For simplicity’s sake.
2. Gross personal income includes all income, including capital gains, gifts, lottery winnings and inheritance.
3. All income taxes are considered equal.
4. Persons with a residence address in Seattle or a work address in Seattle will be taxed.
5. Temporary workers in the city from out of state are exempt. These persons bring dollars and productivity to the city and are seen as valuable additions.


6. All hotel and airport taxes will be repealed. Those are strongly BOIYD, passing the buck to visitors, and the opposite of the Seattle’s new empowerment.

Reduction of costs for tourists

7. All tourists will be given a 10% discount card that is redeemable at any business. All costs to the business will be reimbursed by the locals only income tax.
8. Foreign passport holders get all products at cost. Because it’s not about profit, it’s about the good of the world. Missed income will also be reimbursed by the locals only tax.

Tax Rates.

$0 – 10,000 – 10% (refund)
$10,001 – 20,000 12%
$20,001 – 30,000 15%
$30,000 – 70,000 20%
$70,001 – 120,000 15%
$120,000 + 10%

We know it’s an aggressive policy change, but the goodwill you will garner throughout the world will change the perception of Seattle. No longer will it be viewed as a pretty town filled with blamers and BOIYDs to one that pays first for their proposals and speaks last.

In fact, we have a new motto.

Seattle, We pay our way, we pay your way, and we ask nothing of others.

Can you imagine it?