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Baja, Don, and Quickly!

Hey Donald Trump,

How goes the annexation of Baja? We’re having a little trouble with our tunnel. And with our water coyote. We’ve gotten a 43 foot Schiada for the run, so we’re set on the boat. Heading south isn’t a big issue, but once we get there and our water coyote drops us off, she’s got to get back North. Even empty, that’s not always easy.

They’ve got satellites.

And radar.

And hovercrafts.

We’ve got a fast boat and surfboards.

It would sure be easier if Baja California were part of the U.S.

We could stop our digging, let our submarine contractor go. We could stay above the water, go up and down with the rhythm of the moon. That would get our vote. If you could just make that happen.

schiada-43And start now, before the election.

We’ll get our crack marketing team on it and start a movement.

The Annex Baja movement.

Make it happen, Don. Make us one.