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Apple: Political Player

Hey Tim Cook,

No aid for the Republican convention!
Rock on.
Those damn conservatives.
All of them.
Every single one.
Damn them all.

Here’s the scoop from Politico.

Apple has told Republican leaders it will not provide funding or other support for the party’s 2016 presidential convention, as it’s done in the past, citing Donald Trump’s controversial comments about women, immigrants and minorities.

We commend you, Tim, for exercising a company’s right to put its money where it chooses. That’s what freedom is all about. That’s why our soldiers pledge their lives to our country–to protect those rights.

Thanks to them, and thanks to millions of other Americans, you and Apple have that freedom.

But you’re iOS walled garden is not about freedom. It’s about control.

That’s why your decision to withhold support from the Republican convention–not a specific candidate, but he convention–upped our angst three levels.

You push iOS devices hard. You badmouth PC’s. You neglect the Mac and the Mac app store until the public screams.

We’re not blind.

You want iOS to be everywhere Apple is.

That has us worried. We’ve trusted your policies to be politically neutral.

We don’t anymore.

Now that you’re picking a party and making business decisions based upon the party, the threat that your policies will become more aligned with your politics is a huge risk.

You discussed it in your article in the Washington Post.

This isn’t a political issue. It isn’t a religious issue. This is about how we treat each other as human beings. Opposing discrimination takes courage. With the lives and dignity of so many people at stake, it’s time for all of us to be courageous.

Now it is about politics.

It certainly isn’t about principle and it isn’t about how people are treated.

Absent from your article is any mention of the institutionalized discrimination against gays around the world.

You even tweeted recently how much you’re looking forward to returning to India and how much you enjoyed your time in Dubai.

Not a peep about the religious persecution. Not a peep about gay rights.

Both of those countries have laws against the practice of homosexuality. We’re talking prison time, or worse.

That’s okay. You have a Politically Correct agenda in the U.S.

We now have no doubt that you will push that PC agenda into other aspects of Apple’s business while simultaneously remaining silent about the persecution of millions around the world.

Your lack of support for the Republican convention isn’t about civil rights or equality. It’s not about how we treat other people. It’s not even about sales.

It is about politics.

It is about infusing your politics into Apple’s business practices.

It is about using your corporate power to control behavior and speech.

That’s why we’re worried about your iOS Agenda.

Nothing comes in without your permission, not only because of security, but also because of subject matter.

And you’re pushing your iOS agenda hard.

The more successful you are, the more control of the subject matter you will have.

It’s very much like a wall.

Apparently, Tim, that’s to your liking.