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$19 Trillion in Debt is NOT Wealth

Democratic presidential candidate. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

Hey Bernie Sanders,

Why are you spreading this utterly false rumor that the United States is rich?

Do you even realize that we’re in debt?

According to the US Debt clock, our national debt is 19.3 TRILLION and counting.

$59,555 per person.


That’s what our government has committed each and every one of us to: $59,555. And that’s with a growing population.

Well done, Big G. Well done.

Yet you tweet:

We do realize this claim of wealth you make is a nice platitude. People who want free stuff from our nation like to think of us as rich, as if there’s just money sitting out to be given away.

It’s not there.

You seem to consider our national potential to continue (meaning future) to build and create and generate income as a measure of our current wealth.

It’s not. Even our precogs, as insightful as they are, have limited vision.

And ask all the people who went underwater on their loans. Ask the legions of unemployed during the financial crisis.
Sure, you and the Capitalist Matt Damon will blame Wall Street and the bankers, but the point is that THE FUTURE IS NOT THE PRESENT.

It’s a difficult concept. We understand.

To help you, we’ve pulled a couple of definitions from Dictionary.com Careful, though, they’re tricky.

definition #1 of Current (there were many)

passing in time; belonging to the time actually passing:

#5 is particularly cool.

publicly reported or known

That’s pretty big, Bernie. That implies that we know the present. For example, the current $19 trillion and growing national debt is what most consider a known.

Definition #3 of Future.

a condition, especially of success or failure, to come

Another huge concept. Success OR failure to come. That’s a big OR there, Bernie.

It appears, to the rational, although untrained, eye, that there is a difference between current wealth and the potential ability to continue in the future to pay our ever-increasing debts for our promises.

Revelation: We just realized, Bernie, that by your measurement technique, if we were to trade in our unicycles and take loans for new gull-wing Mercedes SL’s, we’d be $130,000 grand richer – per person. Instantly.


But, no, that’s just wrong. Considering ourselves wealthy by going heavily into debt is completely irrational.

As we see it, now, the United States is far from wealthy.