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iPhone 7 Rumor Update: Deep Blue and an Adapter

Hey Tim Cook,

We heard a new rumor. The iPhone 7 is going to come with the old ear-buds and an adapter for the lightning port.

We’re all for dropping the old hole, but old headphones and an adapter by default–that’s just asinine.


Apple’s made some pretty illogical decisions lately, such as equating the Republican convention with Donald Trump. They are not the same. One is a forum in which the principles of our democratic republic are put in place. The other is a comb-overed, bombastic, name-calling candidate.

Combine that Apple decision with the anti-customer delays in Mac upgrades and we can’t completely discount the possibility that we’ll have to deal with some tiny, loose adapter falling out of the box.

Separate ear buds have also hit the rumor mill.

That’s even more absurd–regardless of how good they are. They’re going to drop out, tumble under the couch or get lost in the backpack for months. And it won’t be just one adapter, we’ll have two little things to keep track of. And how many issues do you think Apple will have with those—unless, of course, that’s your plan–sell replacements.

CBF of -2, though, if it actually happens. [Anything less than 0 is a reason to either delay a purchase or to pursue other options.]

But luckily, we’re are confident that separate earbuds as the default won’t happen.

What we expect is for a new set of headphones to come out. They’ll have wires and a built in lightning connector.

Compelling Buy Factor on that is 6, as long as they actually have a new capability and/or quality of sound.


We recently heard a rumor, traced back to Macotakara, a Japanese site that quoted mysterious Chinese sources, that there will be a dark blue iPhone 7.

We like it.

A deep or midnight blue is one of the few colors that regular guys will buy. None of us here is actually a fan of space gray. It’s simply the default because it’s not flashy and it has a black face. We’re not into showy; we’re into hanging out and laying low.

And now we’re bored with the gray and black.

Crazy, we know.

A little color might help. As long as it has a black face. Deep blue and white would be interesting. Unfortunately, deep blue and black look like a bruise.

Our top choice is silver with a black face. Next black on black. And after that, boring old space gray.

Just give us one or two more regular guy options, Tim. We’ve been your key demographic for a long, long time.

All that said, some of us would buy a red phone, even though it’s flashy, if it were tied to Project Red. We’re not going to go out and buy flashy just to buy flashy, unless maybe it’s a Ferrari, but we will sacrifice for a good cause.

Silver and black — CBF – 6
Black and black — CBF – 5
Project Red —CBF – 4

If the colors aren’t ready yet, or someone in your company really thinks old earbuds and an adapter is a good idea, set them straight. Rapidamente, por favor.