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Mr. Bernie Sanders, Your Anger Is Contagious

Democratic presidential candidate. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

Hey Bernie Sanders,
This is a history lesson. Perhaps in hindsight you will gain some personal insight into your behavior and its repercussions. You see, Bernie, not only is blame contagious, but anger is too. Look at the protests and attacks and violence that plagued the campaign trail.

And most of the physical violence has been instigated by your followers.

Ironic, given your platitudes, but understandable given your speeches and finger pointing.

Because emotions are contagious. Oprah told us so.

In a 2002 study, a Yale University researcher found that emotions don’t just hop from one person to another; they also influence group dynamics.

And it’s obvious to anyone looking that you’ve been spreading bitterness and anger and contempt, along with blame and accusations.

Now, how are you feeling?

Hillary’s been looking joyful. CkZqglTW0AI7gjr

But don’t worry, Bernie, we know you and your supporters are going to claim their anger is a reaction to Trump’s anger. Or to someone else’s anger. Or blame the “unacceptable” and “unfair.”

We’ve heard it on CNN — Trump incites the violence.

We get it. It’s the easy way out. Blame Trump. You did it. That’s your way. Blame others.

But Trump is not the reason your followers threw chairs, left messages saying that Roberta Lange, a party leader should be hung, and even calling her a f*****g b***h.

You’re the source, Bernie.

When are you going to look in the mirror and tell yourself, ‘Yes I, Bernie Sanders, have been responsible for violence’?

We know the answer.


It’s CogDiff. You don’t want to believe you’re a hateful, covetous man (which we’re not saying you are – absolutely not), and that, therefore, you will rationalize and justify your violence-inducing behavior.

Don’t worry, Bern, we don’t hold it against you. Hillary, Trump, and almost all successful politicians use anger and jealousy and envy to win favor.

People like hate. It’s human nature. As long as we can see ourselves on the side of good, whichever side that might be, hating the other side reinforces our own righteousness.

But we also like hope, Bernie. And smiles. And joy. And freedom. Maybe you can find hope without making promises of ‘free’. Good luck, Bernie.