Hardware As A Service

July 14, 2016 Abel Ray 1

Hey Tim Cook, hardware as a service is not about the payment plans; it’s about the way a company views its customers. From our standpoint, Apple still views its customers as hardware customers. Everything else is peripheral and meant to drive hardware sales. Viewing a customer as a client to whom you provide a service is a significant paradigm shift. […]

Save Yourself from the Hate

July 13, 2016 Abel Ray 0

You turn on CNN and you see, over and over and over, and over, stories of hate and violence and backstabbing. Turn on Fox and you see the same thing, different voice. It’s all hate and violence, bitterness and blame. In these times crazy times, something vital has been lost. We must find it. Heysayer has an idea.

The BOIYD Epidemic

July 11, 2016 Abel Ray 1

Hey World, There is an epidemic in the United States. It’s an insidious disease. Unspoken. Like cancer in the 70’s, no one wants to admit she has it. It’s too painful, too fraught with self-judgment and shame. This is the pain of those who suffer from “But Only If You Do Syndrome”, also known as BOIYDism. Few will even say […]

Apple Is Becoming China

July 7, 2016 Abel Ray 0

Hey Tim Cook, A bit of irony: China locks down Apple’s iBooks and iTunes movies due to content restrictions while Apple rejects Happy Play Time citing its own content restrictions. Sexual apps are an egregious affront to humanity Well done, Tim. We think Happy Play Time is just awful. Women shouldn’t touch themselves, and men certainly shouldn’t be educated on […]

The History of the World

July 6, 2016 Abel Ray 1

A short presentation about the history of the world. Hopefully, this bit of education will clear up a few misunderstandings about the creation of the world and how the USA got itself into this god-forsaken, miserable, hateful political situation. As usual, the announcement has its own page.

Politics is Poison

July 1, 2016 Abel Ray 0

Hey Readers, Politics, used in the singular, is an activity. It’s a rotten, back-stabbing, manipulative activity, but it’s still just an activity. So why is it so vile? Why do the people who engage in politics turn so hateful? It’s poison. Like viper poison, but to the soul. Politics is soul poison. A subset of the behavior the poison promotes […]