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The iPhone 7 Review by The Regular Guys

Hey Tim Cook,

Forget the naysayers, You did well with the new iPhone 7, as well as with the Apple Watch Series 2. The moaning and groaning from the irrational, click-bait pundits who think you should come out with a revolutionary product every two years is inane and self-serving. From our standpoint (the representatives of regular guys worldwide), you made some difficult and very good decisions — color choices, lightning earbuds, waterproofing, GPS. They’re all good.


Welcome back black. The regular guys thank you. We now have a new color and two choices of sheens. That makes two for us, two for the Apple-defined ‘colorful’, and one silver in-between model. It’s a good mix. We’re not even taking into account crossover. Black works for almost all segments and goes with almost everything. And it’s not drab and dull. It’s been gone way too long.
Bye bye 3.5. You killed the antiquated audio plug. Finally. It’s only the short-sighted, fearful establishment that was up in arms and squawking. Not us. And you included an adapter. It was smart to include a low cost item to mitigate the screaming. Plus, it will be useful, for us as well, since we still have two sets of working earbuds.
Wireless earbuds. You included wired earbuds with the iPhone 7 and offered the wireless separates as an option. We’re sure cost played a factor on your part, but it was still the smart play. We at HeyTimCook are not going to run out to buy your separates. We have a hard enough time keeping track of our current sets. And they fall out when we try to run with them. But offering separates as an option is okay. Let your customers choose.
Embedded home button. You embedded the home button into the glass. Rock on.This is our favorite technological improvement. The embedded home button is about the future. We mentioned before that it could open up screen real estate. And there have already been rumors (called reports by the self-serving sites who claim knowledge rather than true insight) that you’ll have an edge to edge screen in 2017. We believe it. It’s logical. You’ve laid the groundwork. This is good.

Tim, you also did well on the Apple Watch Series 2.

Bye bye bling, hello ceramic. You killed the ill-conceived bling versions and added a ceramic one. Quality and design are what have made Apple cool, not flash. You really need an outside regular guy to tell you (and for you to listen) to poor marketing decisions. (Three easy ones — the 5c without a black/gray option, the Apple Watch focus on the bling and the use of ‘complication’ as if it were in some way good.) But a new material that’s actually better — cool.
GPS. GPS was much needed. And you made the watch much more water resistant. Now we can use the Apple Watch as a viable fitness device. A couple of us have started using our phones as step trackers. It’s kind of cool to see the history and it seem pretty accurate, but it’s big. And you figured that out. The nuts who wanted it to be a wrist-sized replacement for the iPhone have no concept of battery life and chip technology. If that comes along, cool. If not, we’ll wait a year or so for the 10nm process to become viable for all sorts of chips. So we’re happy with the choices.


Camera upgrades. The upgrades are great, but we take snapshots, not art. Don’t get us wrong, we love our iPhone camera. Ever since our designated snapshotter captured the elephant with his iPhone 4S, we’ve been happy. And we like the added resolution of the our 6S much better. We’re looking forward to optical image stabilization on the 7 and to a dual camera some time in the future. About the only camera features we can think of right now that would excite us are the ability to make a 3D map of the inside of our house using an out of the box iPhone and infrared. Infrared would be cool. We could use our phone as a viewfinder while stalking nocturnal lions.

On a camera related aside, we like your idea of pushing new technology to the higher cost, lower volume version. Misguided pundits seem to think that if some other company can produce 3 million of a component then Apple and its supply chain should be able to produce 60 million of the same or similar component while still maintaining better quality and customer service. Wrong. So keep doing the trickle down. It’s nice to see what’s ahead.

It appears, Tim, that you listened to some feedback on these devices. You made good choices on both the Apple Watch Series 2 and the iPhone 7. We hope they sell well, not just to reinforce our perspicaciousness, but also because we want you to be rewarded for both risking and listening. Well done.