Macs (PC’s) vs. iPads

Hey Tim Cook,

Sadly (and acknowledging a bit of condescension), it appears necessary to explain to you why people prefer Macs (and PC’s in many cases) to iPads. So here we go.


  1. Movement of the hand up and down from the keyboard to the screen.
    This movement is distinctly different from a slide to the trackpad or to the mouse. It’s annoying, and over time, it becomes a hindrance to real work.
  2. Using the finger to move the cursor. The hand blocks screen real estate. Almost the whole screen is blocked if using the right hand for the left part of the screen or the left hand for the right. This takes us out of the work, breaks our train of thought and decreases focus. And it’s annoying.
  3. Built in hard shell case and stand.
    Maybe you don’t realize that some people use laptops on their laps—I know, it’s crazy. And one of the beauties of a laptop is that you can set it on your lap, flip the top, and whammo, there’s your screen and keyboard all open and stable and ready to use.

The use of a stylus can minimize the screen real estate issue, but that is for specialized uses, not for production of spreadsheets and documents and presentations.

100% vs. 80%

It’s obvious to most that if you can buy one device that allows you to do 100% of your work, the second becomes a luxury. Even if an iPad is better at certain tasks, such as reading or playing a game, it’s a second tier computer when you want to write code or create a workplace.


Again, obvious. For a while there, Macs stopped being underpowered and overpriced, targeted at niche audiences. They included the latest chips, comparable specs, plus Apple build quality and OS X. And they became price competitive for what you got. This has, of course, ended.


  1. Specs.
    Workers buy beyond their current needs, not at level. We expect to be able to use the machine for three to four years, sometimes more. We’re thinking to the future and how we might want to use the machine. For instance, if we want to try Adobe Illustrator we want the ability to do it. We don’t want to be stuck in the RAM limited mud with no way out.
  2. Software.
    There may be more apps on the App store, but all of those are filtered, sterilized and censored. You’ve done some good things with the control of software and the certification of software vendors. But loading a bunch of software on an iPad, that Apple hasn’t okay’d, requires a jailbreak. A lot of people don’t want Apple to be their big brother. We want Apple to be a service partner.
  3. Intel inside. The use of Intel and the capability of running Windows apps was another factor. Macs were no longer limited. For some a Mac is the best Windows PC they’ve owned.

If you want more reasons, Tim, let us know. This is not an exhaustive list.