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The Heysayer team is a group of individuals who think about things, particularly tech stocks (mostly Apple) and politics, and we’ve got lots we’d like to tell the pundits, CEOs and politicians. Sometimes it’ll be quick, but other times we’ll really put some thought in, maybe even do some calculations and draw some graphs for those who seem to have lost their faculties.

Most importantly, we’re perceptive folk. We meditate. We See, with a capital ‘S’. One of us was once accused of being a precog, like in Minority Report. And when we see something Big, or just odd, or that we consider just plain wrong, we share.

We try to keep the personal out, as hard as that is, and keep our insights focused on behavior. We see more, of course, because of our meditation, but we’ll try not to let that in. Some might be offended.

We aren’t perfect, but we strive for integrity in everything we do and say.