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Posting Policies

The Heysayer posting policies

We don’t know the people we talk about. We haven’t met them. So nothing we say is personal. It’s about our perception of their behavior. Of course, Heysayers are incredibly perceptive, so what we say is going to be right. But, still, we follow the guidelines listed below.

  • It’s about behavior.
  • It’s about perception.
  • It’s not personal—even if it is.

No personal contact information, such as phone number or address, may be posted about any other person for any reason, regardless of whether that information is publicly available or not. Further, no information that could reasonable be construed as private may be posted about anybody for any reason regardless of whether

The Heysayer team reserves the right to remove comments or to block commenters who violate the basic policies.

The Heysayer team.