Bernie the BOIYD

May 24, 2016 Jon Seliot 1

Hey Bernie, We’ve coined a term in your honor. BOIYD. It’s pronounced ‘boid’, Bernie. Say it. Hear it. Bernie the BOIYD. It’s got a nice ring, doesn’t it? And what, you’re asking, does BOIYD stand for? BUT ONLY IF YOU DO You’re familiar with this behavior. It’s about people who preach for action but don’t actually do it. Some call […]

But Only If You Do

May 20, 2016 Jon Seliot 0

Hey Bernie, We saw your 2014 tax return. You made over $200,000. What we find fascinating about your tax return, but not surprising given how much you spout against greed, is the amount of your itemized deductions. You took $56,000 in deductions. The median household income in the U.S is approximately $53,500 Yes, Bernier Sanders, you took more in deductions […]

The Quest for FREE

May 19, 2016 Jon Seliot 0

Hey Bernie, We Heysayers are starting a quest for the mythical ‘FREE’. We are packing out packs, buying new boots and stocking up on oats and nuts. We’re going to dedicate every non-political, non-Apple moment in search of the mystical ‘FREE.” Thank you, Bernie. We have a mission. Our first plan was to start in Mexico, make it a coast […]

Exporting the blame

May 18, 2016 Jon Seliot 2

Hey Bernie, The top export from Vermont isn’t cheese. It’s blame. You know blame, Bernie. You know it well. We watched your speech. You’re becoming the champion of the angry blamers. But even children know that those who rush to attack others, those who blame early and often, and loudly, are masking their own inner faults. You have heard of […]

The source of ‘FREE’

May 8, 2016 Jon Seliot 0

Hey Bernie, we love free. Man, is free good. Give us, give us, give us. Free. Free tuition. Free health care. All free. For everyone. Every … single … person. Because we’re all equal, right? So free for all of us. Awesome. So where does free come from? Did God create free? How about Zeus? Did it come from outer […]