Save Yourself from the Hate

July 13, 2016 Jon Seliot 0

You turn on CNN and you see, over and over and over, and over, stories of hate and violence and backstabbing. Turn on Fox and you see the same thing, different voice. It’s all hate and violence, bitterness and blame. In these times crazy times, something vital has been lost. We must find it. Heysayer has an idea.

The People Have Spoken – BREXIT!

June 24, 2016 Jon Seliot 0

Hey Donald Trump, Brexit won. Britain and the EU are breaking up. David Cameron announced his resignation. Markets are tanking. You must be ecstatic. Not long ago we were worrying about Greece leaving, and that fear was sending the markets down. Lo and behold, it is the UK populous that voted against an overreaching socialist system. Only 52% of them, […]

Baja, Don, and Quickly!

June 17, 2016 Jon Seliot 0

Hey Donald Trump, How goes the annexation of Baja? We’re having a little trouble with our tunnel. And with our water coyote. We’ve gotten a 43 foot Schiada for the run, so we’re set on the boat. Heading south isn’t a big issue, but once we get there and our water coyote drops us off, she’s got to get back […]

No Border Walls—BAJA!

May 30, 2016 Jon Seliot 2

Hey Don, Forget the border wall. Annex Baja California. The whole damn peninsula. Build golf courses and lazy rivers and hire out fishing boats with Sammy Hagar. Create jobs. So come to an agreement with Enrique Nieto. And if he won’t agree to give us Baja, bully him into submission. Call him names. Whatever it takes. Once we have free […]