The People Have Spoken – BREXIT!

June 24, 2016 Jon Seliot 0

Hey Donald Trump, Brexit won. Britain and the EU are breaking up. David Cameron announced his resignation. Markets are tanking. You must be ecstatic. Not long ago we were worrying about Greece leaving, and that fear was sending the markets down. Lo and behold, it is the UK populous that voted against an overreaching socialist system. Only 52% of them, […]

The Hated Middle

May 31, 2016 Jon Seliot 1

Hey Hillary, We’ve heard a lot of hate lately for the Midwest and South. Perhaps that’s because we made a jaunt through the Pacific Northwest, along the coast — it’s beautiful. The folks up there, though, don’t seem too fond of the rural, even, sometimes, within their own states. And we wondered why. We started with a little research, as […]

We Are One!

May 17, 2016 Jon Seliot 0

Hey, Hillary. The key to a successful campaign is a good slogan. A straightforward one. To the point. Either original or classic, but it must be great. Slogans matters more even than your apparent likability. Thank goodness, right? So we did some research. We looked at you and the BO and your past campaigns, and we realized that derivative tripe […]

Size matters

May 8, 2016 Jon Seliot 0

Hey Hillary, we just want you to know that we’re not going to use the accompanying image as the source of inappropriate jokes. We won’t joke about your husband, men in general, Corvette drivers or whoever it is that you’re going at in this image. So you can rest assured that we won’t go there. Really. Sleep well.