Full Disclosure

June 6, 2016 Jon Seliot 0

Hey, Bernie, We’re all about clean air. Heck, we’re even riding unicycles. With packs on our backs. But as our recent review of your tax return indicates, you are indeed a BOIYD. And that assessment is based on only one year. It’s interesting that you didn’t release five years, or eight. We’re sure you’ve got gobs of reasons. We’re sure […]

Freedom of Religion? Not for Cruz.

May 25, 2016 Jon Seliot 0

Hey Ted, It appears that conservative now means Protestant. It also means anti-abortion and anti-gay marriage. It doesn’t mean fiscally conservative. That’s secondary. If it weren’t, there wouldn’t be riders defunding Planned Parenthood stuck on bills about socialized medicine. Regardless that the Big B.O. was going to veto the bill no matter what, you didn’t have to add religion. So […]

The Law Religion of the Land

May 12, 2016 Jon Seliot 0

Hey Ted, How do you feel about the separation of church and state? You’re from Texas (and we like Texas and Texans) and Texas appears to have an interesting stipulation on the books. Even though I know you know it, I’m going to refresh your memory. Article 1, section 4 No religious test shall ever be required as a qualification […]